Twin Tips

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Freeride, Freestyle, Fat Bastard, Wahine, and Keiki shapes…


Freeride shapes do it all — from flat-water cruising, to wave riding and freestyle. They are so smooth, that they blast through wicked chop like it’s not even there! The tips are medium-wide to handle a very wide range of conditions and are a perfect balance between pop, and high-wind control. Our number one board shape.

The rails are thin and slightly tucked for maximum performance. They look exactly like scaled down version of the rails on a surfboard or windsurfer and that’s part of the secret to why our boards ride so well!

The “Fat Bastard” model is the ultimate light wind, flat water twin tip. With wide tips and parallel outline, it rips upwind with minimal drag. The smooth-flowing, low rocker keeps the tips out of the water for minimum tip spray, and lets the board release for maximum speed.
You’ll be riding and going upwind while your friends are still on the beach waiting for the wind to fill in.Fat Bastard


Our Freestyle boards are designed for aggressive riders looking for massive pop and power for freestyle tricks. You can order them with inserts for bindings with 8″ (20 cm), or for the new 6″ (15.24 cm) spacing, or with normal spacing for footstraps, or both! Just ask us and we’ll put the inserts in where you want them.


Wahine (Ladies)

Lighter and narrower, the Wahine is designed for beginner to expert female riders, both aggressive, or just out to cruise . It hasmore flex than the Freeride boards and is built specifically for each rider’s weight and ability.



Kekei (Kids)

Thin, light and flexible. For all the up and coming groms out there from ages 7 to 12. The footstrap inserts are set closer together for tiny feet.