Used Standup Boards

Slightly used Jimmy Lewis SUP boards available:

All SUP boards are in near showroom condition unless otherwise noted and come with a 1-year warranty!

Click links to visit the webpage for more information. 

Cruise Control 11′ 6″ 200 liters $1399 Red. All-around shape in good condition, with some minor dents and scratches. Save $900 over new!  Available now.

Stiletto 290 (blue). $2199 Race/touring board. Fast and has lots of stability at 30″ wide. Condition: almost flawless. Available soon.

Stiletto 14 (blue) CARBON. $2299 14 X 28″ Touring/race board. In almost flawless condition. On HOLD.

Flyweight 8′ $999 All-around board specially built for kids. Condition: almost flawless, minor scratches.

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