Used Standup Boards and Parts

Slightly used Jimmy Lewis SUP board available:

Flyweight 8′ $999  $699 All-around board specially built for kids. Condition: almost flawless with very minor scratches.

Bags and Pumps:

Jimmy Lewis Roller bag for inflatable boards. Regular price $99.99, selling $79.99  $49.99

Jimmy Lewis inflatable Pumps (new). Single Stage Model: $20 $14.99 Two-stage model $40 $29.99

Board Building and Repair parts available:

Chinook Parts QuantityPrice each
8″ Mast box7$15.00
8″ Fin box6$15.00
10″ Mast box5$15.00
10″ Fin box1$15.00
Tuttle Fin Box (plastic)9$20.00
Power Fin Box (plastic)8$20.00
2 hole footstrap inserts29$2.00
Vent Plug/screw25$3.00