Windsurfer and SUP

The finest sailboards in the world? Just ask any of the sailors who wouldn’t ride anything else!



With over 30 years experience and thousands of boards built in Canada and Maui, you can trust us to build you a board that will far exceed your wildest expectations!

Each board is custom designed specifically for you and are built to be stronger and lighter than any off-shore made production board. Tell us what you’d like the board to do, and we’ll build it to suit you.

We take into account your riding style, weight, experience, and the conditions that you’ll be sailing in most often.


Below, are some of the custom Rogue Wave SUP boards we’ve made over the years…


Rogue Wave’s custom SUP boards are designed for each individual customer and are built during the fall and winter months only. We have models for surfing the waves of the Great Lakes and all-round shapes that are fun even when there are no waves in sight. We take into account your weight, experience level, and even your age when designing your board.

Rogue Wave standup paddleboards are built using full sandwich construction top and bottom, with carbon fiber reinforcing in the critical areas under your feet. The sandwich material we use in the deck is unique to our boards — it is very resilient so that inevitable paddle hits won’t dent the rails or deck as they can with many boards.

Keeping the weight of SUP boards to a minimum is crucial for performance and having fun on the water, not to mention lifting the board to the roof of your car. This is just another way that Rogue Wave boards are superior to the off-shore made production hulls. Typical weights range from 8.6 to 10 kg.

No wax required! We spray texture on the deck of our boards (like a windsurfer) so that you never need to worry about messy wax on the front of the boards.

A recessed carry handle is included to make carrying the board easier and our boards come with an automatic GoreTex air venting system.

The bottom finish is a wet-sanded, gray colored, speed-finish. This is lighter, up to 10% faster, and does not show scratches like shiny finishes do. Your board will stay looking good longer and it’s easier to repair if you ever need to. If you want a more glamorous, glossy finish, we can do it for you for a little extra money.

Want to put a sail on your board for even more versatility? No problem. We can install a mast box so you can use it with your windsurfing rig.. Contact us for delivery times as we only build custom boards certain times of the year.

For Jimmy Lewis stand up boards, please visit our sister site here. They are the finest production boards in the world.



Sailboard Construction Details:

We’ve been refining our construction techniques for more than 30 years, and are very proud of how our boards are built. We don’t use any tricks or gimmicks, just time-proven construction methods using the finest materials available.

We have built hundreds of boards for the Maui rental market during the heyday years of the late 90’s and early 2000’s and have learned exactly where the boards need to be extra strong to stand up to years of abuse by a wide variety of riders. Our Maui boards were expected to stand up for at least 3 years before finally wearing out! We made boards for some of the world’s top riders including Paul Bryan who always finished highly in prestigious Aloha Classic riding Rogue Wave boards. You’ve also seen photos of him testing Rogue boards at Peahi (Jaws).

Following, is a rundown on some of the materials and techniques that go into our boards…


The core inside most of our boards is 1.0  or 1.5 lb density virgin EPS (Styrofoam). This is hot-wired with precision templates into the exact foil we are looking for.


All shaping is done by Lee Brittain who has been shaping boards since 1981 and has designed and shaped more than 2600 windsurfers to date. This is far more than most of the designers for the major manufacturers have made and his experience shows through on the water – one quick ride is all it takes to feel the difference. He uses computer programs for some of the design work, but the important aspects of the shapes are completely done by hand and they always will be!

Sandwich Foam:

We use only 6mm Core-cell foam for the outside bottom sandwich of the board which is vacuum bagged on to the EPS core foam.  Core-cell is the finest foam available and happens to be made in Canada! We purchased enough supply to last us many years, so we’ve been able to keep the price of our boards constant.


High quality resin is critical to the high strength, low weight of our boards. Pro Set 125/226 resin is used for all carbon and fiberglass laminations, and West System 105/205 is used for the sanding coats and where strength is not as critical.

Carbon Fiber:

We’ve been using carbon in our boards since 1986. It is critical to the durability of certain areas in the board and we use more of it than any manufacturer we know of. We bought enough supply to last for many years before the prices skyrocketed and have been able to keep our board prices the same for almost a decade!


The glass in our boards is made in North American and is number one quality. All laminations are done using multiple layers of 4 oz cloth with extra reinforcing in the critical areas, such as the locations on the deck where your mast is likely to impact the board during a wipeout. The tip of the nose is reinforced with at least 8 layers of cloth, so you will likely never have any problems no matter how hard you crash! There are no seams in our boards unlike there are in all production boards which have caps added after the board is made. We do each lamination one at a time and the bottom layers wrap over the rails to the deck, and the deck laminations wrap right around to the bottom of the board. This makes the rails the strongest part of the board and is impossible to achieve in molded boards. Just another way that hand built boards are better.


All our footstrap inserts are supplied by Chinook and we have never seen one pull out or strip. Our fin boxes are also made by Chinook and are heavily reinforced in a block of 6 lb density Corecell and they are all wrapped in carbon. It’s almost impossible to blow out one of our fin boxes unless you hit something major at high speed (NOT recommended!).


The paint we use on all our boards is the very finest automotive PPG finishes with House of Kolor for the graphics. All artwork is meticulously masked off one color at a time. We love doing graphics even though they are extremely time consuming. Having a one-of-a-kind board sets our riders apart from all the mass-produced boards on the water.


The final finish on the deck of our boards is Grip Tex which is sprayed on for a consistent texture. It is abrasive without being too hard on your feet or boots and will never turn yellow.

If you have any questions about how are boards are built, we are always more than happy to answer them. We are extremely proud of the way our boards are built, and even more happy with the way they ride – you will be too!