Construction DETAILS

It’s all about the feel…

Steve Bourne

Rogue Wave boards are the smoothest riding boards on the water — period. No other boards we know of even come close!

Our twin-tip boards have no wood or plastic in them – high performance materials only! Many production boards use wood core snowboard construction methods which take only 10 minutes to build, but there is a huge difference that even beginning riders can notice. One ride is all it takes – some riders say that they are hooked on Rogue Wave boards after riding only a few meters!

The foam in our boards does not get soft or break down even after many years of riding — wood core boards tend to break down and get spongy feeling very quickly.

Foam boards are much more expensive and time consuming to build, but the extra cost and time involved is well worth it to most riders. Foam boards have a nicer feel on the water because they dampen out chop and provide a progressive re-flex action instead of the chatter and unpredictable ride you feel with a wooden-cored board. One ride will convince you!


We fine tune the amount of flex in each board depending on the rider – heavier riders need stiffer boards, and light riders need boards with more flex. The tips flex more than the center section which stays somewhat firm. Boards with too much flex tend to curve negatively under your feet which is the exact opposite of what you want when a gust hits, or if you’re landing from a high jump.

There is really no way to believe how well they ride until you try one — seriously!

Here’s a picture showing the board’s flex at its most extreme.


We use only Core-cell A600 foam (7 lbs per cubic foot density) in our twin tip boards (lighter weight riders will have A500 in the core for more flex). This is by far the best foam available in the world for kiteboards – it’s extremely tough and light weight and gives the board a smooth ride. This is far superior to the cheaper PVC, or polyurethane foam that some competitors use.


Super-strong, cadmium-plated, stainless steel inserts with sealed bottom for extra strength – guaranteed not to strip or pull out.

Routing inserts


The rails on our boards are fully wrapped with fiberglass with the top laminations wrapping to the bottom, and the bottom laminations wrap up to the deck – this means that there are up to seven layers of glass on the edges and the tips. There is no way that this can be done in

molds, and is just another reason that Rogue Wave boards are a few steps ahead of the competition.


We use the finest quality Gougeon Pro Set resin (125-226) for all boards which is the same resin that is used to go into space in Bert Rutan’s X-Prize winning Spaceship One rocket! We use top-quality US made fiberglass which is laid up specifically to match the customers requirements. Each layer of glass is pre-impregnated and laminated by hand, one at a time, for the best strength to weight ratio and quality control.


We use only the finest PPG brand automotive top coat finishes on our boards so they are as tough as possible and good looking. Custom graphics with the famous House of Kolor paints will give your board a unique appearance and you’ll stand out from the crowd of look-alike production boards.