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Custom Kiteboards, Surfboards, Standup Boards, Windsurfers, Carbon SUP Paddles.

Please note:

After 30+ years, Lee Brittain has retired from building custom boards, and is clearing out ALL remaining stock on Jimmy Lewis boards. Click here to find the best prices on JL boards ever. You’ll never find deals like this again and when they’re gone, they’re gone!


But here’s some history…

Custom Boards

If you’re looking for something different, and want to customize your preference in stance, width and overall size, the legendary, Rogue Wave Custom shaper, Lee Brittain, has the formula to create your perfect ride.” SBC  Kiteboard Magazine

I’ve been riding your board now about 5 hours a day for 37 days and I love it.” Sam Medyski

The relentless pursuit of perfection…

  • Board building since 1981.
  • Lightest and strongest boards on the market.
  • Customer satisfaction that is second to none.
  • Pride of ownership goes far beyond any factory-made board.


Carbon Fiber -2




Carbon 3


Rogue Wave Windsurfer Carbon







Rogue Wave Board

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